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CertaPro's Response To Complaints: Bury the CertaPro complaints
and blame the failed franchises for CertaPro Painters
high franchise failure rate

Reputation Management (Bury The CertaPro Complaints):

Feb., 2011

Muddy the (Search) Waters:
CertaPro retained Aviatech (now part of Mainstream Interactive), a company involved in "reputation management". It appears to me the purpose of reputation management is to call those who make complaints liars, or to try to bury the complaints in a google search by flooding the web with favorable stuff. Or maybe some of both.

The idea: If you can get all of YOUR stuff to show up on the first one or two pages of google, people may never see the complaints.

After this website was established, CertaPro (Aviatech?) established numerous new websites and uploaded numerous Certapro videos praising Certapro.

Aviatech explains part of it's "reputation management" strategy this way, at its blog:

... the primary strategy is to influence the actual Search Results. This entails a combination of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and Content Publishing. If done correctly, over time, what used to be two pages of Google filled with negative content can be transformed to two pages of neutral or positive content. Research has shown that 92% of consumers researching your company will never look past the first page; of the remaining 8%, only 2% will look past the second page. This fact gives every company a manageable objective when beginning a reputation management program.

source: blog.aviatech.com/online-reputation-management-%E2%80%93-two-sides-of-the-story/

Translation: Dump a bunch of your own crap on the web, write a bunch of articles at free publishing sites, make posts to blogs, etc. In effect, it's what I consider to be a massive spam campaign.

Aviatech CertaPro Painters  Reputation Management

Aviatech is now part of Mainstream Interactive

IOW: Put a lot of your OWN crap out there in the hope the complaints will be buried in a search.

One such site I suspect they'd like to bury: CertaPro Painters Complaints as well as, of course, this one..

And it appears to me that's what Aviatech (now part of Mainstream interactive) was attempting to do on behalf of Certapro.



Has Aviatech (now part of Mainstream Interactive) been using frowned-upon blackhat techniques?

Larry Carnier, Aviatech sock puppet?

A ton of stuff appeared on the web from someone named "Larry Carnier". Using a web search, I could not find a real person named "Larry Carnier". I suspect "Larry Carnier" was a sock puppet used by Aviatech.

Here's an example of one of many pro-Certapro videos uploaded by "Larry Carnier". I believe the franchisee who "put in the work" is now gone.

The "Put In The Work" Slander and Lie

CertaPro blames failed franchisees for failing to "put in the work"
or to "work hard enough" to make the franchise succeed.

It's a lie.

Here's a screen grab of a "put in the work" video
uploaded to YouTube by "Larry Carnier".
I have made notations.

"Larry Carnier" uploaded many similar videos, with different franchisees :

Certapro Painters

Joe Scalzo doesn't appear to be listed anymore at the Certapro website.

So there you go:

  • Certapro hires a "reputation management" company to load the web with websites and videos.
  • All those videos and websites remain online.
  • Even if they are now a lie.

Blame the Franchisee:
Kill the messenger: A common technique to discredit people who complain, in the hope of casting doubt on their veracity (as implied in the video above).

One thing I've observed in virtually ALL franchisee-franchisor disputes: The franchisor almost ALWAYS accuses the franchisee of being at fault, or incompetent. I guess they hope nobody notices how MANY failed franchisees there are.

Then, too, since many/most failed franchisees signed that "gag agreement", they can't talk about why they REALLY failed.

If you're a prospective buyer, you will probably hear a lot of blame laid on failed (and silenced) franchisees. Never mind the Certapro bullshit about "business in a box" and "no experience needed". It's lies. Marketing lies. Lies to get money.

Certapro marketing and franchise sales are based on Misrepresentation and Lies.

But then, can Certapro admit it's selling snake oil?

It HAS to blame franchisees for the failure of their franchises.

The only other option is to effectively admit they are engaging in misrepresentation and fraud.

How many franchises do you think they'd sell if they said, "There's a 90% probability your franchise will fail and you may lose $150,000 or more (but we'll make a lot of money), and when you fail we'll blame you"?

Honest to God, I don't know how the assholes sleep at night.

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