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certapro complaints
certapro painters complaints
certapro complaints
certapro painters complaints
certapro complaints
certapro painters complaints

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 CERTAPRO COMPLAINTS certapro complaints

A few CertaPro complaints from various places on the web:

Poor Business complaint

Had them paint our house, but the wood rot had to be fixed first which the Certa Pro guy estimated for $1400.00 and then the one he contracted out to do it told us it would be $1000.00 more. We were upset and the work came to a stand still then because we were expected to come up with a check at that time. We had to talk to the wood rot contractor our selfs. The certa pro guy told us it was on us even though he is the one who contracts these guys out and we have a contract with certa pro. The brought it down to only $300.00 and took off some of the work. We went to another customer who had the same certa pro rep do his house and the same wood rot guy came and told him the same thing. I think they work together to get extra money on the side from customers. We paid up front with a check to get a discount and that is when the work goes slow, slow, slow. Then the caulk started showing through the paint a few months later and the certa pro rep blamed it on Benjamin Moore and put us on the back burner for a while. It took for ever for him to return my calls about the caulk showing through and so I filed a complaint with the BBB and then he contacted us right away and told me to have it taken off right away. They repainted the house and now the caulk is showing through again and when I emailed the company I got the same rep in our area who called me back a few days later and was very rude! He said it was Benjamin Moores fault and not his. I told him we have a contract with him not who he decides to go with. He said he would be out of town for two weeks and we would have to wait till then for him to look into it. Then from the date he said it was a week latet that he said he was working on it. I told him we want a refund and he thinks we need to get it from Benjamin Moore, but I want it from him. We do not want our house repainted again. We want our money back for the painting caulking and all. Not asking for any of the wood rot money back, which we should because we got taken advantage of. Very poor service. We just want it right, but not with Certa pro doing it. It cost us all in all $5000.00 and we want $2500.00 back!


Sub Standard Work

I received a favorable estimate which included 2 "brushed on" coats of paint on two sides of my home. The estimate also included the painting of the trim on the two sides, sanding and priming plus replacement of up to three clapboards if necessary. My wife and I had to attend a funeral the day the crew of 2 arrived. Upon our return I noticed overspray on the gutter!! A message was left for me that they would return the next day to finish some trim work. I asked when the final coat would be applied and was told both coats were applied the same day. The owner told me the crew made a mistake by spraying the job. The grain is showing on all the spots they sanded and many areas were just painted over. I have 2 rotted boards that need replacing but I do not want them back on my property.


The owner of the franchise was professional but the crew was NOT - cigarette butts all over; urinating in the back yard; they didn't have the exacat color I picked and thought the color they had would be okay; they tried to just spray one coat when the contract said one spray coat; one roll-back; they were sloppy - spilling paint on the lawn, driveway and screen cage. It was a nightmare - I spent 2 days cleaning up after them and still see mistakes - I WOULD NEVER USE THEM AGAIN


Very unprofessional

I hired Certa Pro painters thinking I was going to get a professional job done..after spending thousands of dollars, I have nothing to show except, paint drippings, paint that appears to be splattered on, missing paint in areas, pimples all over the walls, distinct roller and paint brush marks, repairs that were supposed to be made that were not, or if they were, were unprofessionally done and still quite visible, every room has a problem... not one room in the entire house is perfect or near perfect...I had the franchisee and his manager back in the house to inspect...they agreed on what I showed them, and all I was offered was to "fix" what they didn't do right to begin with...after spending all that money there shouldn't be anything that needs to be "fixed" let alone every room in the house...I do not want CertPro Painters back in my home, they should've stood by their motto and "did the job right the first time"...one of the painters conveniently took a house key I had hanging on a wall, put it in his pocket, "for safekeeping", and when I realized the key was missing, we called the franchisee to find out where the key was, thinking it was placed somewhere in my home, instead we were told the painter had it in his pocket for "safekeeping" so it wouldn't get lost...imagine a professional painter doing this!!! I don't think so. I've asked for at least a refund of half the money, the franchisee led me to believe he would agree, after having his attorney draw up a paper so I can sign it and end the story...today I called him he said his attorney told him not to give me back a dime...meantime thousands of dollars were spent and my home looks like it was never painted. There are so many mars and mistakes, it is impossible for me to mention them all. I did have blue tape all over the house showing where they are and if need be I will be glad to put them right back up again for anyone to inspect. I contacted BBB and Consumer Affairs, but BBB advised me this company would prefer to work their problems out with the customer, but they are not doing that. I need help in trying to get compensated for this unprofessional job. I shouln't have paid him in full, but I didn't realize all the blunders until my house was back to normal and I really inspected the paint job. There are cracks that were supposed to be repaired that were not done and just painted over...I chose Super White color for my ceilings, they didn't use super white, I don't know what was used...I can go on and on but... I'm hoping that someone will be able to assist me with this problem.


Scam and cheating
I hired Vee and CertaPro after she sold me on their high quality customer service satisfaction and a thoroughly written, carefully worded contract. She failed to follow any steps in the contract, wouldn't powerwash, prime, etc. They painted over dirt and peeling paint. Then, after I complained, she pulled the painter off the job for two weeks. When he came back to do some work, the painter had his girlfriend (not a painter; not an employee) paint my house. They wouldn't put house numbers back on, light fixtures, replace furnishings, etc. They left behind all of their garbage, coffee cups, etc. They spit chew spit everywhere the entire time they were here. They didn't want to cover or tape, so they hacked down my bushes, yet still spilled paint all over everything. Since my second complaint, they refuse to now return to even finish a minimal job. Their response is, "You get what you pay for", even thought they chose the price and wrote the contract which they will not honor. Countless people have looked at their work and are truly shocked at the poor quality. I could have done much better myself.




About these complaints:

CertaPro Painters complaints may arise because the CertaPro franchisee uses subcontractors. They do so to control costs (they hire the subcontractor for a fixed price and don't have to pay hourly wages).

Certa ProPainters Ltd (who sells the franchises) spends a lot of money on marketing, to sell franchises. Their marketing often says "No Painting Experience Needed". Many (most?) CertaPro franchisees get into the painting business with little or no painting experience! CertaPro gives them a brief training period then turns them loose. Then they often depend upon a subcontractor to get the work done. The franchisee may have a learning curve of a year or two of "real world" experience.

CertaPro Painters franchisees are believed to have a VERY high failure rate. If the franchisee is in financial trouble, he/she may try desperately to make more money to keep from going out of business.

Are there any good CertaPro Painters franchisees? Probably. If you search the web, you'll see some very good reviews along with some very bad reviews. Sometimes the same franchisee has both bad and good reviews. It may depend on the painters, the subcontractor, and maybe the customer expectations.

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