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Where Are They Now?
This is an admittedly unscientific, "unofficial" and hypothetical observation, however:
Based on what I've observed, when a franchisee disappears from the CertaPro web site, it's a likely indication they've gone out of business (often because they've failed).
When the name for a franchise owner changes, it could mean either:
     (1) The original franchisee folded and CertaPro resold it, or
     (2) The original franchisee sold the franchise.

Let's look at listings of franchises in 2007 (from the CertaPro website) and compare them to the listings shown in 2009.
The listings below include four States: Illinois, Florida, Michigan and New York, chosen because they're geographically separated and because they're well-populated states.

It would be nice to confirm with CertaPro how many of the "gone" franchisees shown below are gone because they failed, but I doubt they would volunteer that information.

Left column: 2007                                                                           Right column: 2009

Total franchises 2007 (from above) 52  
No longer listed 21 (40%)
Name change (sold or resold?) 6 (11.5%)

The current recession may have had some impact, however, CertaPro is touted as a "recession-resistant" or "recession-proof" franchise.

From one web site, for example:

One of these proven “recession-proof” franchise opportunities is CertaPro Painters.
source: http://ezfranchisesavailable.com/a-recession-resistant-franchise-opportunity-certapro/
August 6, 2009

Perhaps this recession has challenged that assertion.

Again, these numbers are based on a hypothetical premise, but you might be able to check with CertaPro to obtain the company's accounting for why some franchisees no longer appear at CertaPro's website.

  CertaPro - The Box Is Six Feet Under


We work with you "Shoulder to Shoulder" We are there to support you every step of the way. CertaPro offers a comprehensive initial training program that covers all aspects of building a successful home-based franchise that will quickly scale to something much bigger over time. In addition, support is available to help market, recruit and train your key staff members in your efforts to scale. Some examples of these key staff positions would be: Office management, sales management and Production management. With CertaPro residential and commercial painting, you're working on the business...not in it.

CertaPro Painters gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to do what they love - manage a successful business.

CertaPro Painters is a wildly successful franchise business opportunity

If you're looking to experience limitless success, generate profits fast and enjoy the freedom of owning your own home-based business, the CertaPro Painters franchise business opportunity is for you.

I do not know how to paint. In fact, I don’t like to paint.
Good. We seek assertive individuals who possess leadership, tenacity, attainment, introspection, and precision. This opportunity is about brand building and generating revenue of a million dollars or more with in a 3 year time period.

For less than $144k, you can paint a new life.
For a total investment of between $119k - $144k, you will own:
    * An exclusive territory - A map with your name on it.
    * A turn key software solution to streamline all aspects of your business.
    * Proven Marketing Tools that produce extremely effective and predicable
    * Training and administrative support programs to help you scale fast.
    * Plus ample operating capital